Porsche 911 SC targa “evo”


Porsche 911 SC targa modified

(273) Fern Green – 114.500 mls – 124.000€
Cork interior
Service history documented by service manual & thick invoice folder

183 kw – 246 hp at 5900 rpm
307 Nm at 5300 rpm
245 Nm (80%) available at 2500 rpm

A comprehensively restored and extensively but subtly upgraded 911 SC EVO for sale!


Matching numbers + matching colour and boasting 964-rivalling power and torque in a chassis weighing a substantial 200kg less, this bespoke example will no doubt appeal to any 911 enthusiast.


No-expense-spared restomod upgrade during the current ownership : +56 K€ new parts + more than 700 hours

  • Early 2020, suspension, brakes, engine, gearbox, shift mechanism and interior have been taken to the highest level with respect for authenticity. Say a 911 SC evo… Truly an extraordinary 911 that largely supersedes what you’d expect from the SC badge
  • May 2021, its bodywork was restored on a Celete jig


Her extremely rare Fern Green with chrome finish + brushed stainless steel targa bar, only built in 1978, combined with its high-performance technical preparation make this classic 911 unique.

Gothardpass, Nufenenpass, Furkapass, Grimselpass, Sustenpass … I can tell you that with Jade (that’s her name) in capable hands, you’ll have a blast


Four previous owners are documented, but this is not conclusive.

  • First delivery on August 3rd 1978 by Rodgers Porsche in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • From 2005 to early 2017, the car remained in the same family in Florida until it was imported into Europe in May 2017 by Renes Collectables in Vucht (NL)
  • I bought the car in June 2019 to build my personalised G-model Targa.


The service history is documented in the original service manual and by an extensive invoice folder. Under current ownership :

  • Sept 2023 at 110.433 mls : engine oil, oil filter + adjusting valve clearances
  • April 2023 at 108.646 mls : spark plugs and pre-sale health check including fuel pressure, all sensors, compression test, borescope, idle valve, and test drive including EF ignitions log and CO adjustment
  • March 2022 at 104.271 mls : engine oil, oil filter and brake fluid
  • April 2021 at 98.730 mls : engine oil, oil filter + adjusting valve clearances
  • May 2020 at 92.500 mls : gearbox rebuilt replacing every part that had signs of wear + new clutch and pressure plate + precision shifter mechanism
  • January 2020 at 91.230 mls : engine completely rebuilt from the crankshaft up, replacing every part that had signs of wear + converted to short-stroke 3.2-litre
  • Late 2019 at 91.230 mls : suspension, brakes, steering and interior completely rebuilt replacing every part that had signs of wear


Here’s your opportunity to buy a rare and unique 911 that’s had a 23.400 miles or 37.700 kilometres shakedown


Don’t hesitate to call me on +32 495 595025 for additional info, pictures or documentation or to make an appointment to inspect the car.

  • Certificate of Authenticity and Modification list available on request
  • Any Pré Purchase Inspection possible
  • Original unrestored front and rear seats come with the car
  • Excellent Porsche 964 or 993 with manual gearbox can be taken into consideration as partial payment