Porsche 964 Carrera 2 – predominantly 1st paint


Porsche 964 Carrera 2 – SOLD

Midnight blue pearl / black leather interior

1991 – zMs

124.000km documented by service manual and invoices

Accident free & predominantly in 1stpaint

184 kw – 250 hp
310 Nm
0-100 km/h in 5,7 sec
Vmax = 260 km/h

This matching numbers Porsche 964 Carrera 2 was first delivered in January 1992 by Porsche Ravé in Avrainville.  The car has remained in caring French hands ever since until the current owner bought it in January 2018 at Porsche Centre Knokke


Its timeless stylish color combination Midnight Blue / black soft leather, its sought after configuration limited slip differential and sunroof in combination with its predominantly 1stpaint and interior without wear marks make this old-timer special.


C05 Country code France

220 Limited slip differential

425 Rear wiper

573 Air conditioning

650 Sunroof

659 On-board computer

935 Soft leather rear seats

980 Front seats in soft leather

No costs and no efforts were saved to keep this Porsche 911 in excellent condition.  Naturally, the service history is documented in the service manual and by an invoice folder.

The engine was sealed and the Porsche had it’s clutch replaced in 2015. This is documented by a 7.200€ invoice


12/12/91       9.683km        Entretien du véhicule          Porsche Ravé S.A. (Avrainville)

07/09/92       20.932km      Entretien du véhicule          Porsche Ravé S.A. (Avrainville)

07/01/94       32.188km      Vidange d’huile                   Porsche Ravé S.A. (Arpajon)

02/04/96       44.571km      Entretien du véhicule          Porsche Sonauto (Levallois)

10/02/98       58.282km      Entretien du véhicule          Porsche Sonauto (Levallois)

09/07/99       71.885km      Vidange d’huile                   Porsche Sonauto (Levallois)

11/09/02       81.120km      Entretien du véhicule          Porsche Centre (Levallois)

11/10/08       93.859km      Vidange d’huile                   Special Auto

07/02/11       101.040km   Entretien du véhicule          Route 911

18/03/13       110.375km   Vidange d’huile                   AMS

The car is sold on consignment by a customer.


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