Porsche 911 SC targa “evolution”


Porsche 911 SC targa

FERN GREEN  – 107.000 MLS – price on application
Fern Green + bright trim and brushed stainless targa bar
Cork interior
107.000 MLS
183 kw – 246 hp at 5900 rpm
307 Nm at 5300 rpm
245 Nm (80%) available at 2500 rpm




  • Matching numbers SC targa with 307 nm & 246hp – Original service manual
  • Matching colour : 1978 only Fern Green with original chrome finish + brushed stainless steel targa bar
  • Cork interior with bespoke Cork nappa leather / Porsche tartan racing buckets


No costs and no efforts were spared to bring this Porsche close to technical perfection.

Early 2020, suspension, brakes, engine, gearbox, shift mechanism and interior have been taken to the highest level with respect for authenticity.  Say a 911 SC evo…


Truly an extraordinary 911 that largely supsedes what you’d expect from the SC badge.  It’s got 964 torque and power in a chassis that weighs 200kg less.  Gothardpass, Nufenenpass, Furkapass, Grimselpass, Sustenpass … I can tell you that with Jade  (that’s her name) in capable hands, you’ll need something the likes of an RS or GT3 to keep up.


Her extremely rare Fern Green with chrome finish + brushed stainless steel targa bar, only built in 1978,  combined with its high-performance technical preparation make this classic 911 unique.




First delivery on August 3rd 1978 by Rodgers Porsche in Knoxville – Tennessee.

From 2005 to early 2017, the car remained in the same family until it was imported into Europe in May 2017 by Renes Collectables in Vucht (NL).

I bought the car in June 2019 to build my personalised G-model targa.

  • Early 2020, engine and gearbox were professionally rebuilt and fitted with new clutch including pressure plate and clutch cable.
  • Professional repaint finished May 2021.


The service history is documented in the original service manual and by an extensive invoice folder.

  • 02/08/78            30 mls       Delivery inspection             Rodgers Porsche (Knoxville)
  • 03/10/78       1.490 mls      Engine Oil Change               Rodgers Porsche (Knoxville)
  • 03/10/78       1.490 mls      Maintenance                         Rodgers Porsche (Knoxville)
  • 28/01/85       45.124 mls    Maintenance + emission     Carrera Engineering (Orlando)
  • 03/05/85      40.974 mls    Oil change                            Carrera Engineering (Orlando)
  • 26/11/85       50.867 mls    Oil change + clutch             Carrera Engineering (Orlando)
  • 10/02/86      54.622 mls    Oil change                            Carrera Engineering (Orlando)
  • 27/01/20       91.230 mls    Technical restoration        Van Beurden (Turnhout)
  • 09/02/21       97.727 mls    Bodywork restoration       Carrosserie Herrygers (Turnhout)
  • 20/04/21       98.730 mls   Maintenance                      Van Beurden (Turnhout)
  • 22/03/22      104.271 mls   Oil change                         Van Beurden (Turnhout)



Don’t hesitate to call me on +32 (0)495 595025 for additional info, pictures or documentation or to make an appointment to inspect the car.

  • Any Pré Purchase Inspection possible
  • She will be delivered on the original 6 & 7″ Fuchs.   The 7 & 8″ RSR finish Fuchs can be bought with the car at an additional cost of 4.000€
  • Original unrestored front and rear seats come with the car
  • Excellent Porsche 964 or 993 with manual gearbox can be taken into consideration as partial payment